How To Custom Pet Bobbleheads From Photo?
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custom pet bobbleheads

How To Custom Pet Bobbleheads From Photo?

Recently we have received a lot of inquiries from customers asking if it is possible to custom dog or cat bobbleheads according to the photo. The answer is yes! Many clients have done this before. Next, we will describe in detail how to custom pet bobbleheads.

Step 1: Choosing a Reliable Custom Bobble Head Maker

The skills of making bobblehead dolls for people are different from making pets. So when choosing a manufacturer, be sure to find a reputable and experienced company that specializes in making pet bobble heads, which ensures that the master can capture the details of furry dogs and cats with professional skills.

You can check the sample work on their website in advance to make sure its quality meets your expectations. Our website pet orders are made by professional pet masters, please rest assured to order!

Step 2: Choose Detailed Photos Of Your Pets

When you choose to make a pet bobblehead on our website, you need to provide 3 photos:

①A full-body photo of a dog or cat, which should include your pet's posture, such as standing or sitting. Our master will judge the type and physique of your pet according to this picture provided by you, so as to make a scaled-down version of the pet bobblehead.

②A clear picture of the pet's face. Our master will use this picture to make the pet's expression, including the smile, the shape of the eyes, and the hair features of the head, which is particularly important for the overall production.
Keep in mind that the better the photo, the more accurate the resemblance of the bobblehead will be.

③A picture of the pet's back, including the shape of the tail. There are many manufacturers that overlook this detail, but only the pet owner knows that every detail of the pet, especially the tail, is worthy of attention. Our master will use this photo to make pet back hair, especially for those pets with different colors on their back, this step is very important.

custom dog bobbleheads

Step 3: Custom Additional Details

If you would like to add customization requirements, suh as unique pet clothing, collars, or headscarves, you can email us before the order is made. These extra details further enhance the uniqueness and personalization of your pet bobblehead, making it a genuinely precious souvenir.

Step 4: Review Pet Dolls

When you place an order on the website, the maker will custom dog bobbleheads based on the information you provide. When they're done, customer service will email you a preliminary copy for your review. All you need to do at this point is carefully review and propose any changes that need to be made, after all, only you know your pet best. Our master will modify according to your modification suggestions until you are satisfied.

Step 5: Finished bobblehead

Once you have approved the doll to be made, the bobblehead manufacturer will proceed to make the final product. The masters work on the pet's head and put it together for final assembly. Before shipping, we will conduct a final inspection of the finished product to ensure no defects.

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In today's fast-paced life, apart from family and friends, pets have become our trusted confidants. Whether we are happy or sad, they are there for us unconditionally. They accept us as we are, without any prejudices or preconceptions. No matter what our strengths or weaknesses are, pets love us wholeheartedly and are always excited to see us. This unwavering love can give us the courage to face any difficulties.

Now more and more people are sharing their daily life with their pets on social media, healing themselves and making more people happy! It is precisely because we have regarded pets as a member of the family, that more and more people choose to add dogs to the custom bobbleheads doll.

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