2023 Boss Day Custom Bobbleheads Gifts
boss day bobbleheads

2023 Boss Day Custom Bobbleheads Gifts

Every year from August to September, we are busy customizing boss bobbleheads for our clients as Boss Day gifts. Then in October, we will receive positive comments from customers on our custom bobbleheads, most of which describe the surprise and happiness of their boss or superior when they received the gift.

Why celebrate Boss' Day?

Patricia Bays Haroski registered "National Boss' Day" with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958 wheh she was functioning as a secretary for her dad. Ms. Haroski selected Oct. 16, her father's birthday, as the date for National Boss Day since she really felt he was an excellent boss.


Ms. Haroski thinks setting a special day in the workplace to thank your boss or superior who has helped you a lot is a great way to improve your work relationship. When everyone first enters the workplace, they are at a loss for the work they are about to face, and if your leader guides you well to complete the work, is it something to be grateful for? And on special holidays like Boss's Day, you can express your gratitude directly.

What are the great gifts ideas for Boss Day?

Boss Day 2022 gets on a Sunday, October 16th. However since the day landeds on a weekend break, this public vacation will rather be observed on Monday, October 17th.

In fact, some people are critical of the Boss Day, thinking that in the workplace, the boss should give rewards to employees who perform well, instead of letting employees give gifts to bosses who earn much more than them. So it is very important to choose the right gift.

First you have to consider the personality of your boss. Some bosses don't like publicity, so choosing gifts that are low-key and not expensive is the first choice. If your boss likes a lively atmosphere, why not throw a party for him with your co-workers? It should be noted that this is not only your boss, but also a superior who helps you a lot.

Our customers tend to prefer custom-made gifts, such as mugs notebooks, T-shirts, hats, etc. with custom letters "The World's Best Boss". These may seem tacky, but we have to admit that , they are fun. Imagine all the members of your team wearing a T-shirt or hat that says "The World's Best Boss" on Boss's Day, your boss will be amazed!


If your boss is down-to-earth, nothing makes him happier than working hard to get better results, so why not keep working hard on Boss Day? This may allow your boss or leader to leave work earlier in the day

Custom boss bobbleheads as unique gifts

We mentioned earlier that customized products may be more suitable as boss gifts, but ordinary customized gift cups, hats, etc. are very tacky, so why not try personalized bobbleheads from photos? We summarize the advantages of dolls as gifts for you.

①100% Unique - Customized dolls from Photos

Our products are all hand-made, and our experienced sculptors will carve the face of the doll for you according to the facial pictures you provide. So each boss's gift is tailor-made and unique, and you don't have to worry about duplicate gifts! What's more, we also provide a lettering service, you can write on the base what you want to say to your boss.


②Boss theme bobbleheads designed

We have specially designed themed dolls for Boss Day. These dolls are generally dressed in suits, and some special dolls have the letters "Boss" and "Best Boss" written on their bodies.

Custom Female Boss Bobbleheads In White Blazer

Custom Female Office Boss Bobbleheads In White Blazer

Custom Male Office Best Boss Bobbleheads In Black Suit

Custom Male Office Best Boss Bobbleheads In Black Suit

③Affordable and meaningful

The product price of our office bobble head dolls starts from 68.88, and the overall order is about less than 100 US dollars. Compared to other custom gifts that cost hundreds of dollars, this is already a very good deal. More importantly, when the boss receives your gift, he is likely to place it on his desk or on the writing desk at home. Whenever he sees this funny doll, he will think of you.

Boss Day is the ideal time to say thanks to all the supervisors, managers, and leaders that have constantly had your back since Day 1. Buying an outstanding present for your manager can assist to develop your connection. Count on us, our custom bobble head will assist you to make your Boss's Day gifts the talk of the whole office!


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